Wing Chun



Wing Chun Kung-Fu is a martial art developed in southern China hundreds of years ago. Wing Chun initially was a guarded secret and only a select few were lucky enough to become students. Now, mainly through the legacy of Ip Man, who famously taught Bruce Lee, it is practiced throughout the world. Its effectiveness is due to positioning and sensitivity rather than physical strength.  

We teach traditional Wing Chun with a focus on the mental and hands on application of the art.  Class time is spent mostly on practical application, known as chi sao (sticking hands). This focus allows the student to build the sensitivity and comfort necessary for maintaining control at close range. 


Sifu Varano

Sifu Nate Varano has been studying and teaching martial arts since 1983. His background includes Shotokan karate, Kempo karate, and Jujitsu. He has studied and taught Wing Chun exclusively since 1992.  Sifu Varano has had the honor of studying under three well known masters of the Wing Chun system, including Ben Der (San Jose, CA), Kenneth Cheung (San Francisco, CA), and Augustine Fong (Tucson, AZ).  It is his exposure to multiple methods of instruction that has molded his present day approach to teaching this martial art.



Private Lessons - $30/Half Hour 

Payment is via Venmo upon scheduling.  There are no refunds for missed appointments or cancellations.  

Please contact Sihing Dan at 910-477-7986 to set up an appointment/lesson.